Software designed to maximise your profits

A powerful end-to-end solution that allows businesses to take back control of their cash flow.

Software designed to maximise your profits

A powerful end-to-end solution that allows
businesses to take back control of their cash flow.

Powering your profits

Communication Tools

The purpose-built payment management solution uses SMS and Email technology to automate the follow up of late or missed payments for your business. Powerpay has helped existing customers recover previously lost profits by utilising our effective communication tools.

Cash flow Management

Our system provides your business with an online, secure agreement ensuring cash flow is sorted. This compliant solution captures, stores and processes your customers regular, irregular or once-off payments, eliminating the need for manual intervention.


Features & Benefits

Advanced software

Powerpay's user-friendly software is fully automated and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your business and optimise everyday operations.

Flexible repayments

Automated SMS and Email communications provide customers with the flexibility to choose the start date, frequency, duration and amount they can afford.

Secure and efficient sign up

Powerpay's electronic sign up automatically captures the payers' details and stores them in the portal ready for payments to be taken.

Premium dashboard

The powerpay dashboard allows you to view in-depth trends and insights as well as detailed payment performance for incoming and outstanding funds.

Comprehensive reporting

Find out at the click of a button exactly how your payers are performing, how much has been deposited daily and how much payments a customer has made. All reports can be toggled and exported to suit your needs.

Branded campaign templates

Powerpay has ready to go campaign templates that can be tailored to reflect your business' branding, communication and style guide.


The powerpay Way

A powerful and dynamic payments and communication platform for businesses looking to maximise their profits. Powerpay's end-to-end solution recovers previously lost revenue and works efficiently to boost up your cash flow!

Customer Experience

Your customers can quickly and easily set up their payment methods and choose from a flexible range of options to suit their needs, including:

  • Number of repayments
  • Frequency of repayments
  • Add payment instrument
  • Start date

Payment methods

Powerpay can collect money from the customer's bank automatically or customers can choose to make payments using any of the below methods:

Direct Debit




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