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What We Do

Direct Debit

Our electronic direct debit system provides your business with an online, secure agreement ensuring cash flow is sorted.

Put away the pens and paper, this compliant solution captures, stores and processes your customers regular, irregular or once-off payments.

Ideal for: Lenders, Debt Collectors, Consolidation Experts, Subscriptions, Memberships

Payment Management

The purpose built payment management solution uses SMS & Email technology to automate the follow up of late or missed payments for your business.

This powerful, internal process has delivered our existing businesses upwards of a 350% increase in collections without using an external, archaic debt collector.

POWER your payments

Features & Benefits

Secure and efficient sign up

Reduce the roadblocks created when signing up to a paperbased authority. With PowerPay’s electronic sign up solution the payers details are automatically captured and stored in the PowerPay portal ready for payments to be taken.

Flexible Payment Arrangements

In the unfortunate event that your payer falls behind on their original repayment schedule the automated SMS and Email communications can be implemented, allowing them to agree to a revised payment arrangement with flexibility around the start date, frequency, duration or amount that they can afford.

Ready to go Campaign Templates

We’ve done all the hard work for you, all templates are set up ready to be sent or work with us to completely customise your payers experience.

Comprehensive Payment Reporting

Find out at the push of a button exactly how your payers are performing, how much has been deposited today or even how many payments a payer has made.

Branded Communication

Within a couple of minutes of signing up you can have your business completely branded on all outbound communications, ensuring clarity for your payers.

Our Solution

A powerful and dynamic payment and communication solution for businesses looking for more than just a payment company. The end to end solution will power up your cash flow ensuring your revenue has never looked stronger!

At the core of PowerPay are two separate yet interconnected solutions. Firstly, a digital direct debit payment solution enabling on time client payments. The PowerPay payment engine allows clients of businesses to sign up and authorise their once off, ongoing, regular or irregular payments on a secure hosted platform. The solution is online with customer data stored securely in an encrypted cloud environment.

To compliment PowerPay’s payment system and help maintain the control of business revenue there is an SMS and email communication solution for times when your clients may have short term cash flow issues, an automated accounts receivable service is available to stay on top of any missed or outstanding payments.

Businesses using the PowerPay system have full visibility and control of each client through the live online portal or API.

A live dashboard provides a snapshot of payment performance for the business’ cash flow. Insights, including the number of active customers, payments year-to-date, debts assigned in the system, customer payments deposited in the last 30 days name a few of the detailed reports available when using the solution.

In addition to the live dashboard, businesses can drill down into each of these fundamental reports, accessing a full suite of supplementary reports providing a transparent view of each individual client or group of clients ensuring agreed payments, missed payments, offers and follow up communications have been completed and the results available for export for each of the required reports.

The SMS and email communications tool is the instrument behind the automated collections product that, negotiates extensions for payers falling behind with their standard payments, a payment portal to perform ‘make up’ payments and even a flexible and varying discount offer to recoup a percentage of the outstanding monies.

The collections tool is used as a final step prior to a client being sent onto debt collection and based on client feedback has created a 350% increase in realised revenue back to the business compared to what their respective collection agency sourced.

Payment options in the collections scenario include bank and card payment options.

Receivable Management

Quick And Easy Setup
Customers can easily setup payment methods and choose from a flexible range of options, including choice over the number of repayments, start date and frequency to create a schedule that suits them.

Collect Payments Automatically
Once they have accepted an offer, we will collect money from customer’s bank account automatically or customers can make payments manually.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit


Credit Card

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